RecPlex Aquatics FAQs

When is the Waterpark open for Open Swim?

Please see our Aquatics Schedules for the Waterpark schedule.

Do adults need to be in the water with kids during open swim?
For Children age 3 & under, supervising adults must be in the pool and within an arms reach. For Children age 4-6, supervising adults must be in the pool. For Children age 7-9, supervising adults must be attentive and in the pool area.

How warm are the pools?
The waterpark pool is kept at 84 degrees, the aqua arena (competition) pool is kept at 79 degrees. Air temp is 86 in the waterpark, 81 in the aqua arena.

How deep is the water in the pools?
The lap lanes in the waterpark pool range from 3.5-4.25" deep, the lanes in the aqua arena range from 4" to 12". The current channel is 3.5" deep.

Do I have to be a member to come to the pool/beach?
Day passes are available; details and fees are listed here:

Beach/Park passes are also available during the summer months (you can purchase after May 1st each year); details on the beach are listed here:

How many lengths of the pool is a mile?
The waterpark lap lanes are 25yards long, as are the lanes in the aqua arena (except when set up for 50M). An actual/true mile is 1760 yards or 1609 meters; so 76 lengths of the pool (or 38 "laps" if you are counting down and back as a "lap") when it is 25Y or "short course". When set up as 50M, or "long course", it is 32 lengths of the pool (or 16 "laps")

What is the height requirement for the big purple slide?
Riders must be 42", one rider at a time, no double riding.

Is there a swim test to be able to use the Wibit (inflatable obstacle course)?
Yes, swimmers are required to swim out to the Wibit unassisted (about 20 yards), lifejackets are not allowed on the Wibit.

When registration opens you can register?

  • ​​Online Click Here
  • In person at the RecPlex front desk
  • Over the phone (262-947-0437, option 1)

I missed a swim lesson, can I make it up?
We are not offering makeups at this time.