Birthday Party & Rental FAQ's

How many people does the birthday party price include?

12 kids or adults. Extra people $8/$10 each.

Can I bring my own food?

Pool/Ice parties can purchase a food package ($55/tax) or to bring in their own food there will be a service charge of $55/tax. Lakeview/Beach Rentals: Are allowed to bring in own food at no additional charge.

How are the rooms set up?

Pool/ Ice Rooms are set up with 2 rectangular tables and 1 circular table. Lakeview: As needed by attendance. Max set up is for 100. Beach Pavilion: 9 round tables w/chairs 4 rectangular tables.

When can I get in my party room to set up?

You can get into your room at the start time of your party.

How many people does a party room hold?

Poolside/Ice Rooms: 25ppl

Lakeview: 250ppl (seating for only 100)

Beach Pavilion: 72ppl

What is the deposit for a party?

Poolside/Ice parties : $50/tax

Lakeview: $100 refundable

Beach Pavilion: $100 refundable

Field House Rental FAQ's

How many volleyball courts are available to rent?

RecPlex has 9 volleyball courts available for rental. 12 volleyball courts may be available during certain times of the year.

How many basketball courts are available to rent?

RecPlex has 6 basketball courts available for rental. 8 basketball courts may be available during certain times of the year.

Hourly rate?

$50/hour, may vary depending on event length/size.

How do I rent the volleyball or basketball courts?

Contact Brett Christopher at 

Baseball/Softball Field Rentals

How many baseball/softball fields are available to rent?

We have 4 little league baseball/softball fields and 2 high school sized baseball fields.

Hourly rate?

Depends on the number of fields rented, how long, lights needed, chalk, etc.

How do I rent the baseball/softball fields?

Contact Brett Christopher at