Mind-Body Classes

Mind-Body Classes

"The more we control our mind, the more our inner peace increases and the happier we become."
-Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Mind/Body classes are for Members Only.

Classes are offered on a monthly basis. Monthly schedules will be posted online and available at the Fitness Center Desk and at Guest Services.



  • Drop in Class packs- 5 for $50 or 10 for $80. 
  • All Mind/Body Classes are included for FREE with Preferred and VIP Membership levels.
    All members, at any level, MUST register for classes.
  • REGISTER ONLINE HERE: https://recplex.clubautomation.com/

Mind/Body class Formats

  • Amplified Flow Yoga
  • Barre
  • Core Strength Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Pop Pilates
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga
  • Yogalates

Yoga Class Descriptions

Amplified Flow Yoga
This class is designed to amplify your flow. Expect a dynamic, strength focused warm up to promote fluidity in the body and prepare you for where you're going. Use this time to get playful with your practice!

Barre combines Pilates, yoga, and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles without the impact and injuries dancers endure.

Body Flow
A revolution in mind/body training with uplifting music. Designed to increase endurance & strength while reducing pain & stress.

Core Strength Yoga
Specific poses and sequences that are designed to help students access and understand their core.

Gentle Yoga
Gentle class is slower paced yoga making it accessible to students of all sizes, ages, and abilities. This class offers a balance of easeful movement, breath awareness and regulation, and conscious relaxation. Enjoy full body deep stretching with or without the assistance of props.

Improves flexibility, toning & strength for the whole body, using stability balls, weights & your own resistance

Pop Pilates
Combines dance choreography with pilates moves for an intense total body workout that is FUN and effective.

The instructor will guide you into the poses safely and help you modify the movement to be either more challenging or less stressful for your body. For both new and intermediate students.

Restorative Yoga
A restful practice that holds yoga poses for a longer duration using props like yoga blocks, blankets and bolsters.

Yin Yoga
This practice targets the deepest tissues of the body. A slow-paced style of yoga focusing on holding poses for a long period of time, stretching and opening the joints up.

Yogalates pairs energetic music to yoga and pilates movements. This fun packed class will improve your strength, balance, mobility and flexibility.

If you have any additional questions about our Mind-Body Trainings, contact the Fitness Desk, 262-925-6742 or e-mail [email protected]